Structured cabling
(Voice and data)

All our procedures and personnel are governed by standards and certifications for structured cabling, in addition to having the safety training to perform work at heights.

  • DC-3 for work at heights based on NOM-009-STPS-2011
  • EIA/TIA 568A Telecommunications Cabling Standard
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B Telecommunications Cabling Standard

Laying and ducting of structured cabling and optical fibre

The best cabling installations for local area networks (LAN)

  • Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) category 5e, 6 or 6A cables.
  • Shielded twisted pair (STP) cables.
  • 2 to 12-fibre multimode optical fibre cables.
  • Multipair telephone cabling installations.
  • Duct installation (tube and connection).
  • Cable tray installation (cablofil).
  • Ladder installation.

IP and Analog Video Surveillance

Reliable video surveillance systems

CCTV with reliable and efficient technology. We have a wide range of systems for a large number of applications, from rugged outdoor cameras for difficult climates to more discreet products for sensitive environments.

Our products

  • High-capacity DVR and NVR storage systems
  • Analog and digital IP systems
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Fixed cameras
  • Motorized PTZ cameras
  • Panoramic cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • HD, Megapixel and Ultra High Definition cameras (Up to 16 Mp)

Hardware and software maintenance

All our technicians are properly trained to provide service to computer equipment, servers or printers. A report is written for each equipment, at the end the information is consolidated to deliver a brief general report (summary) as well as each individual report to the responsible personnel. All the parts withdrawn are delivered to the client by quality measure.

Hardware preventive and corrective maintenance service

  • Cleaning of computers, servers, printers, MAC equipment and general hardware.
  • Computer and server repair.
  • Information backup.
  • Change of parts or components.
  • Removal of viruses, spyware, malware and adware.
  • Installation or reinstallation of software.
  • Barcode printer service.
  • Repair of printers and plotters.

Safety systems

Integration of safety control systems

  • Integration of different security systems, such as CCTV, turnstiles or doors activated by proximity readers, fire detection systems and alarm systems, in a single control panel, which increases its efficiency and reduces the monitoring effort, making it more efficient.
  • Installation of access control systems, using the latest technologies, such as proximity, fingerprint biometrics, body biometrics or face recognition. Installation of vehicle control systems and automatic detection of vehicle license plates.
  • Sale and supply of equipment and consumables for staff credentialing.
    Personnel location system within of plant.


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